Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cooler painting!

Part of being a sorority girl (at least to me) is being able to craft. Be it painting a paddle, letters, a banner, or a cooler, anything you make should look good. Obviously there is SO much more to being a Sorority woman than crafting but this is definitely something we do...A LOT.

I've painted a few coolers in my time for various fraternity formals and boy, do they take a lot of time and effort. I've gotten a lot of ideas from a Facebook group where I lot of people upload pictures of their coolers. Here are some that are my favorites:

The best part about this is seeing your date's face when you give him the cooler filled with koozies, his favorite alcohol, mixers, and snacks. Fraternity formals are definitely events that I think everyone should experience!!



  1. I love painted coolers! That mountain weekend one is incredible.

  2. Just the other day I was called upon at work to use my "sorority skills" and make a banner for an office baby shower. priceless!

  3. That KA one is amazing! I've seen that group on facebook - they're all SO good!

  4. Those are all so good! I could never pick a favorite!